Weather Station

The Shack

I have been thinking of having a weather station for a very long time. Finally last week I went and purchased an “el cheapo” weather station from Clas Ohlson. The generic brand / model of that station is WS-1080. There are many manufacturers of that station and I think that also Wimo sells that station with name WX-2008 (with the same price as Clas Ohlson).

I put the sensors into the roof of my Shack (pic) and the reception unit / touch screen panel is inside the shack (pic). It is very nice that transmission is wireless from sensors to control unit. It should be operating somewhere around 433 MHz so I hope it is not interfering with my 70cm HAM far so good 🙂

The control unit is hooked up to an old Sony Vaio lap-top computer running Ubuntu Linux. In that machine I installed the Weather Display -software which does the actual “number crunching” and stores the values. It also provides data for my new weather pages. Those pages are not that fancy and good looking, but they will do as they are maybe under constant development … so maybe later they would look nicer 🙂

Next thing to implement into those pages would be somekind of a weather camera. Also APRS would be nice, but that’s another story…maybe that same old laptop would work as a APRS iGate in the never know hi hi.

Let me hear what do you think about those new weather pages of mine and this project. Just feel free to comment this post. It is possible both in english and in finnish as always.