Copying the ISS!!

Today it finally happened! I was able to copy 59 The Space Station transmission LIVE from Space! In the morning I noticed from my iPad Satellite Ham Radio -application that ISS will do quite a nice pass over my QTH during the day (approximately 11:30 Finnish time). I noticed also that ARISSAT-1 was about to make a close pass too. So I decided to try to listen them both. As my selfmade tape measure yagi -beam is still under construction I was forced to use just plain GP -antennas for both sats.

First I tried to copy the APRS traffic from the ARISSAT-1 with my new car setup. I was able to hear the APRS -packet traffic, but wasn’t able to copy them and decode packets. However it was interesting experiment and I would definitely try that later again. But time was running and ISS pass was closing, so I went to the shack.

I tuned the radio and waited for a while. Had a nice QSO on 80m while waiting and then… I started hearing something from the VHF frequency…and I started my phone camera… Here you go. Live transmission directly from space in my shack…!!! 🙂 First time ever!

One thought on “Copying the ISS!!”

  1. No problem mate, glad you liked it 🙂 It really was exiting to make this first receive happen. Hopefully I can work the sats in the future. I will be trying to send an APRS package trough satellite and maybe also do some voice communications too via FM repeaters in the sats. Lets see how those will work 🙂

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