QSL Info

Basic principles for all QSO´s
After some time as a HAM now and quite a bunch of QSO’s later I update my QSL policy to make it simpler. Basic idea is as follows:

As said earlier, I still like regular paper QSL and I’m a member of the BURO. I always respond to paper QSL’s and send them via the BURO. If needed for rare DX I can also use direct. However as I work quite a lot of digital modes (which generates quite a bunch of QSO’s quickly) I prefer the Log Book Of The World (LoTW) QSL. I’m also a member of eQSL (AG).

I always upload all QSO’s to LOTW and eQSL so you should have my QSL as soon as possible. I usually don’t send paper QSL if QSL’d by LOTW (some exceptions might occur). If not QSL’d by LOTW I send QSL via the BURO if needed.

Contest QSL
Usually I don’t send paper QSL for the contest QSO’s (rare DX are always an exception). I upload all contest QSO’s to LOTW and eQSL (AG).

Memberships and certificates
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Updated: 1st of November 2012