Working digitally (and remotely)

As I mentioned before, I have been working to get my digital mode setup working in my hamshack. Few days back I finally made it. Actually I’m not 100% sure what I did wrong in the first place, but who cares…now it works 🙂 I also managed to get rid of the bugging RF interference too. I just added some ferrite modules to my cables in the shack (audio card and digimode/cat interface) and that was all. Now everything seems to be working A-OK, which is nice.

First I started working the PSK31 with CocoaModem. I made good contacts with it, but was looking forward for better macros and integration to site. I also had problems in CocoaModem to get the table mode (simultaneously decoding all streams within the audio spectrum heard) and I needed to look for another software to use. The answer to those requirements within Macintosh environment is fldigi. I looked into that and got it working too (as you can see from the picture above). In addition to nice user interface and efficient usage it also is able to report heard (and worked) stations to service, which is really nice thing. From that data you can easily see how well your antenna is working on certain bands. PSK31 mode is nice as it happens basically always within one frequency per band. Therefore you can hear loads of different countries and stations with it. For example I was monitoring only 20m band (14.070 KHz) for couple of days and got 405 reports / stations from 36 countries during that time. Interesting data about the frequency, antenna and all. Also interesting was to see from the same service how far my own transmission went. I’m using only 50w from my 100w transceiver power for PSK. With that power I was able to be heard all the way to USA. And as you can see from the picture above I have been also able to hear USA and Canada…so I just need to be with my radio on right time to make that connection to happen..hi hi.

Speaking of which… I also managed to get my remote working setup up and running. I had my radio gear on with my computer in the shack and worked my PSK31 from the comfort of the living room couch…with another computer or with my iPad .. or even with my Android phone. I’m running TeamViewer for that purpose and it just works great. It enables remote working where ever I have an internet connection. That is btw one benefit also on working the digital need for mic or CW paddle for that matter. 🙂

Maybe I should provide a video about all that, but let’s save that for later.

And yes…Once again..comments are welcome .. as always.