Up inda air!

Jeeee! Finally got my HamShack up and running. Got my 42 meters long Windom antenna up in the tree with the slingshot I told you in the last blog about. The antenna installation was not very easy how ever… It was very windy day and I was operating only by my self. The yard is covered with huge amount of snow, which does not actually help the installation, but I managed. As you can see from the picture (not very well..) the antenna is quite up in the tree and works well.

During the weekend I managed also to squeeze some time to actually work the HF. I managed to get some QSO’s all the way to USA and EU. Ofcourse I had a pleasure to work some OH stations too 🙂 So it seems that I finally have managed to get my station into some real radio action. I have also ordered a DigiMaster Pro Plus -interface for digital mode working. I’m looking very much on that and will let you know as soon as that setup is also up and running.