My remote-shack 2.0 #hamradio

As mentioned earlier, I have been working remotely and digitally with my Ham -setup earlier this year. But not untill yesterday I was finally able to configure my setup to run also remote setup for SSB/Phone mode. Below you can find a short video about that setup. It still is lacking the transmit side (Vox via Skype), but I will test that later also. This HRD -setup also enables somekind of IP-remote via HRD, but I need to look more into that too.

A brief comment about my  my current Ham -PC setup as it is yet again changed (more about that later): I got my hands on an old AMD / XP machine. Installed 2 gigs of RAM to it and new display card with 2 displays and finally was able to run Ham Radio Deluxe…and boy isn’t that avesome…wow! This is actually my 3rd HAM setup. I have been running this same kind of setup on all major platforms (Mac, Linux and Windows) this year. It sure has been interesting to experiment with digimodes, cat -control and all that. I need to write about my experiences with those setups later…but now this Windows based remote setup. It sure is nice… 🙂