Long time …

So it goes. Fast. The time. I have to admit not being too active here in the blog lately. Nor have I been too active on bands either. One might say better late than never, though. Below you can see how it has been over the years (QSO vise). There sure is some room for activity improvement. But I have been working for that lately. Recently I moved my HF rig from the separate hamshack to the main building. As the rig is now closer to my regular everyday life it might also help me to get more on the air time, as busy the life of a familyman, daily worker and student is.


Last summer was my first summer of QRP. In the spring I purchased a brand new Yaesu FT-817ND rig. I also bought all kinds of bells and whistles with it (accessories some might say) and boy .. isn’t that an interesting world of tweeking! Other than that, my activity has been mostly on VHF/UHF on my way to work and back.

Next weekend is the weekend of CQWPXRTTY, one of my all time favourite contests. For some weird reason I just love RTTY contesting. So you might hear me on the air there. No promises made, but might 🙂 I need to rush now. Take care and HAM away! Meanwhile, check my logbooks in the front page to see if we have had a qso. You can now find my Mobile, Portable and QRP logs there too.