Flu, 1st of May and painting

It is the 1st of May (Wappu in Finnish). I’m still recovering from the flu, but quite ok now. I’ve been working some PSK31 in the Shack and painting some serious wood! Yep. We are about to build a new terrace for our house within next weekend, so I just need to get all the wood painted before that…what a rush! There is couple of hundred meters of it, but it is good excercise 🙂

During the “drying time” when waiting the next painting turn I have been working with some other issues…like PSK31 on 20 meters again, what a joy it is..and then playing some drums. I also managed to get my shack WLAN antenna finally working (see picture below). I actually needed to lower it a bit in the mast to get it working better for the wlan from the house. It is a directional antenna pointing towards our house to get the wlan signal from there. The antenna is then conected to a acces point which is acting just as a wlan client and bridge to provide the TCP/IP connection for the shack computer(s). It’s working ok at the moment. Hope it will continue working also tomorrow 🙂 It has been a bit flacky recently..

Summer is coming finally. It just is great. Hope to hear you in the bands. I’m currently working quite a bit the PSK31 on 20 meters as I have also been building my remote setup for that lately. Just to mention.. It is nice to work around the world from the couch, with iPad for example 🙂 Yep. Need to post you a video abt that setup later… I always keep on promising those videos, but just wait…I will. When the worst rush of work has passed by and I have some time 🙂