Finnish HamFest / Sappee 2011

Last weekend I visited the Finnish HamFest called SRAL Kesäleiri at Sappee. It was my first visit in that happening ever. It sure was interesting and it was nice meet lots of Finnish hams there. I also encountered the mobile bicycle HF-station (in the picture above). It was very interesting to see, especially as I have been interested on bicycle mobile for a while now. In addition to hams there were also many interesting lectures about various items in the Ham radio. I managed to participate one, which was about APRS and new features. They also demoed a very nice pocsag -messaging system there. I definitely need to look more into that.

Yes..there were also some HAM shops present (together with an interesting flee market)… and  I bought a new Windom antenna from the fest to my summer QTH among some other necessities…like duplexer for my HamShack (for my Mobira modified 2m and 70cm rigs)…etc.

It sure was a nice trip. I’m looking forward of making this a tradition for each summer in the years to come.