Building a mic adapter…

I’m currently building a microphone adapter for my Yaesu FT-450 and for my studio mic. Adapter is based on the original one made by a fellow ham OH6HZH. I have been testing his adapter for couple of days now and it just works like a charm with my rig and mic. I’m using my AKG C2000B condencer microphone together with ART Tube MP microphone amplifier in this setup.

As I was buying some components for the adapter project yesterday, I also found the nice foot pedal (black box in the picture) from the local electronic shop. I installed it as foot PTT for this setup and it works like a charm. I have been running it with the “6HZH adapter”. It just is a simple micro controller with nice plastic pedal… 🙂 Looking forward of having my own adapter ready in the upcoming days. More about it later…

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  1. Hello, Hessu!! Greetings from India. I just got a new FT450D and want to connect a condenser mic. Have you built the adapter for your radio?? If yes, pl share details. Thank you, 73. C U on the air.Pradeep, vu2pcd.

  2. Hello Pradeep!And thank you for your comment. Congratulations for FT-450D rig. It sure is great piece of HAM gear. I have the older version, but I guess the newer one is even better. And yes, I did build an adapter for my rig. I would try to post an explanatory post about that mic adapter in this blog later. I found the wiring diagrams for FT-450 mic connector from the net and made the wiring based on that. I also made a foot switch for PTT, but more about that later. Maybe a short video post.Take care, 73 and hope to hear you on the bands!! de Hessu – OH6FXL

  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I now await your posting on the blog. Will look for you on 20-15-10M. Bands are open these days, especially around 1500gmt. Take care, tnx, 73…. Pradeep, vu2pcd. From:

  4. Hello Aki!And thanks for the comment. Yep, it might be possible to do also that, but the question is why? It's easier to route mic trough pre-amp. You get phantom power and also adjustable gain 🙂 Well..nowadays the mic is routed via small mixer (and Presonus BlueMax Smart Compressor). The idea is to provide same mic for rig and some podcast recordings etc. However Im not saying that this is the way to do things, but this is the way I have done it as my HamShack is also a small studio, so I have all kinds of interesting outboard gear there 🙂

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