First Echolink QSO


Just had my first Echolink QSO yesterday. Worked with my iPad via internet to OH6AG-R repeater in Jakobstad Finland. Had a QSO with OH6NT who was operating 145.625MHz with regular 2m HT radio. This was very interesting experiment and worked fine, so TNX for the QSO to 6NT.

Echolink sure is is interesting and I would definately try it out later. Maybe I should try to work some local repeaters in USA via that for example. 🙂

Registration process was quite fast and straight forward with Echolink. Just register and then send a scanned version or photo of your radio amateur license to review board via e-mail and thats about it. I strongly encourage all hams to try this form of communication too. Hope to hear you there too. Btw I also have an echolink client installed for my Android phone (the same I’m writing this txt with). It makes nice and even more mobile rig 🙂


Wow! This is some really good stuff. Way to go Arcala Extremes! Just surfed to The great site of Radio Arcala while surfing some info about Really interesting and very important stuff about future amateur radio and the preservation of our precious hobby, the best scientific hobby of all time.

Enjoy the video, join the Facebook group etc. I will continue surfing some info of HF rigs etc. Have a great sunday. It’s very fine and sunny sunday here in the north.

First QSL


Wow! Just got my first HAM QSL ever! I had my first direct QSO on 2 meters with my friend OH8JGQ, who was walking to the office in the freezing -32 celsius weather, talking to his trusty ol’ Icom IC-W2E rig…while I was already in the office. To my big surprice he brought me this very first QSL of mine for that QSO as it was direct and not repeater based. I think I need to figure out my QSL cards now and quickly provide one to him too 🙂


Welcome to the OH6FXL radio amateur site. My name is Hessu and this is my blog about my radio amateur hobby. In addition to this blog, You can find all kind of information about me and my station from these pages. This site may contain some finnish language material from time to time, but I try to keep this international as I’m very interested in DX’ing on HF bands. Currently I only have a tiny Yaesu VX-8D radio for 2 meters and 70 centimeters (picture of my setup), but I’m looking forward on having a HF setup in my shack in the near future.

So please feel free to comment my blog and browse through this site. You can also leave a comment in finnish 🙂 Hopefully you will find this site informative. I hope also to hear you on amateur bands soon. 73’s from the freezing cold Finland (it is -27 degrees celsius on the time of this writing). Take care!

And yes…this page is currently under construction 🙂